Bo'Darc Fiddlin' Rail Lou

Lou is one of my beloved daughter’s of “Stitch”. She is a very well made female. Lou is very calm and quiet in the pen, but when you turn her loose in the field, she is a strong running, hard going type dog. Lou is not hard headed or hard to handle but she is very determined about her hunting and she can move with ease and grace.

Lou is my only link to one of my favorite dogs, Indian Mound Tessie. Tessie may have had the best nose of any dog I have hunted behind. Lou is exactly like her grand dam Tess, in that she has a superior nose and she can produce first class gun dogs.

Lou has only been bred once, to Bo'Darc Elhew Delivery and from this mating she produced some dogs with superior talent and nose. To the left and below are some pictures and videos of pups/dogs from this mating.
Here are a couple of links to a pup off of Lou and Hoss.


Lou's pups are on the ground. Click
HERE for more info on this litter.