Bo'Darc Kennel Pointer Females

Bo’Darc Pointer Females

My females represent the very best of this kennel. Having put more emphasis on the female or “mother line” has served me very well in over 20 years of raising this family of pointers. This kennel was and still is, founded on the bloodlines of CH. Slate Creek Doc, CH. Guard Rail and CH. Fiddler, all males, yet predominately it was females from these stud dogs that I chose and continue to choose to propel this kennel.

Two females I consider the cornerstones of Bo’Darc Kennel are Bo’Darc Dixie Fiddle and Bo’Darc Elhew Rail. They were those very rare gems that could produce multiple,
exceptional individuals, in each and every litter. You will see these two gals several times within the pedigrees of Bo’Darc Kennel.

My females have made, and are continuing to make, my dreams for this kennel… a reality.