Bo'Darc CW Squirt

For me, Squirt exemplifies my idea of perfection. She has everything that I could ever desire in a dog. A few of her attributes are a superior nose, lofty style on point with a poker straight tail, a beautiful fluid gait running due to her confirmation, a burning desire to find birds coupled with an outstanding bird finding ability, clean and quiet in the pen as well as very mannerly and polite in the house. Her most obvious giftings are her intelligence and her personality. She is a rare jewel in my book.

My idea of Squirt’s perfection did not come by accident. She and her littermate Bo’Darc CW Sally, are from a long line of outstanding gundogs. They are the product of breeding the best to the best for several generations.

Squirt has and will continue to be in the plan of breeding the best to the best.