Bo'Darc Tinker

Tinker, a daughter of my cornerstone female Bo’Darc Elhew Rail, is a powerhouse made bird finding machine. Tinker is a littermate to Bo’Darc CW Pat and a full sister to Bo’Darc Samantha. These dogs represent strong CH. Guard Rail genetics with outcrosses to Elhew Italy/Huckatuck, CH. Fiddler and CH. Slate Creek Doc.

These dogs all hunt with the same burning desire to find birds and find birds they do. This is because of their strength of nose but also their inherited native intelligence that their dam stamped on her pups. The ability to dig up birds was a constant to the offspring of Bo’Darc Elhew Rail. Tinker has shown to be the same type of dog that her dam was, outstanding in the field, as well as being able to produce offspring that are the same or even better than she is.