Bo'Darc Elhew Delivery


  Hoss was my pick of the litter stud fee puppy from the breeding of Big Delivery to Sherm's First Lady or "Sadie".    Sadie was a wild bird hunting machine.  She was super fast on the ground with one heck of a nose.  Her litter by Big Delivery was the most unbelievable pups I've ever seen now or then.   When this litter was about 7 weeks old, you could flip a wing out in front of them and the whole litter would lock up on point.  Though what was so amazing about them was, that after they pointed, they NEVER moved.  You could walk through this litter of pointing pups, milling around like you were shopping at a market, pick one up and set it down somewhere else, it just didn't matter what you did, they were on point and that was it!!!!
  Hoss is a very determined bird finder, super fast on the ground and tough, just like his momma.   When he does find birds, he stays put all the while looking like he was chiseled out of granite. 
Here is what you can consistently expect from a pup sired by Hoss:  very early starters blessed with tons of natural ability (natural backers and retrievers), extremely hard hunters yet very biddable, tremendous agility and natural air, all of that wrapped up in a stylish class act with exceptional conformation and muscle!