Bo'Darc CW Pat

" Pat "

Pat is a powerful bird finding machine. Having been on Kenny Crosswhite’s string for a few years now, Pat has seen several hundred wild birds. Pat is extremely fast on the ground and can cover some country. He is not a huge running dog but he is chewing up a lot of ground when he is down and it is done one purpose in mind and that’s finding birds.
Pat started his trial career during the 2006 - 2007 season in the Oklahoma region of NSTRA.  He made quite  name for himself and qualified to run in the regionals. 
     Pat is a natural backer and retriever which is a common denominator for the dogs of this family.  All of these natural attributes are what I look for in a dog for breeding purposes.  They have to have a certain eye appeal as well.  Pat has it all.
     Look for matings from Pat in the near future.