Bo'Darc Kennel Pointer Males

The Pointer Males of Bo'Darc Kennel

In over 20 years of breeding Pointers, my belief has been and continues to be, that my females contribute more to their offspring than does the sire. However, I would never dishonor my females in breeding them to a “lesser” male. On the contrary, all of my dogs chosen for breeding are evaluated as pups for showing early natural gun dog instincts. Testing continues throughout their training process. Intelligence, trainability, nose and style are key factors but natural instincts are imperative. The males used in a Bo’Darc mating are stellar examples of these attributes.

My definition of a true stud dog is the male who is able to produce offspring that are as talented or even more so, than he himself is, not because he has “CH.” in front of his name.

For this kennel, below are males that have earned the title, Studs.