Bo'Darc Fiddler's Image

" Stitch "

Stitch is a product of the Bo'Darc Kennel.  He is line-bred CH. Fiddler and Nell's Rambling On and a near perfect mirror image of Ch. Fiddler in conformation and markings.

Stitch was bred to be a producer.  Study Stitch's pedigree and note the similarities to both his sire and his dam.  Both are line-bred CH. Fiddler and Nell's Rambling On.
Stitch's sire and dam are also bred similar in "method".  This method found in Stitch's sire, Bo'Darc Fiddlin Rail, is a product of a "niece" bred to her "uncle". Stitch's dam, Pinehill Matador Brass, is that of an "aunt" bred to her "nephew".  By then mating together these "method-bred cousins", Bo'Darc Fiddlin Rail to Pinehill Matador Brass, you find not only a firm foundation to Nell's Rambling On, via CH. Guard Rail and Gateway Matador/Gateway Babs but a rock solid gene base directly to CH. Fiddler. 
Stitch over the years has produced some very nice gun dogs, but some of his best work was the mating to Bo'Darc Lucky Fiddle, producing Bo'Darc CW Sally, Bo'Darc CW Squirt & Bo'Darc CW Ben. These dogs have proved to be outstanding dogs in the field. Sally and Squirt have proven to be just as outstanding as producers of top flight bird dogs.

Stitch appears to have done it again from his mating to Bo'Darc Rita Rae. Two males from this mating are showing to be superior type dogs at a very early age, that being 8 months old. "Ricky" owned by my friend Kenny Crosswhite and "Gus" owned by another good friend of mine, Bob Angen of New Jersey. Ricky and Gus are showing they already have what it takes to be the kind of dog EVERYONE would want to own. Keep an eye out for these two lads in the very near future.