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Bo’Darc Kennel is committed to raising the finest gun dogs to be found.  From this kennel’s conception in 1990, it was and still is founded on the blending of CH. Slate Creek Doc, CH. Guard Rail and CH. Fiddler bloodlines. 

This kennel was birthed from the love of bird hunting with my dad. That love then fueled the desire to produce exceptional bird dogs. From that desire, you now will find a dog bred to be a hunting machine, yet blessed with intelligence, a high cooperation level, natural gundog instincts completed with a kind, loving personality.

You may have heard the expression, “Well, you just can’t coach that,” referring to an athlete that does something extraordinary. It is simply that athlete’s natural, God given, talent shining through. This is also referred to as the “it” factor, because they just have “
it.” I am amazed at the number of dogs I personally see, as well as being told from others, of this family of dogs having this “it” factor.

If you expect the best, maybe it’s time you consider a Bo'Darc Pointer, because…there is a difference…