Bo'Darc Fiddlin'Rail Lou to Bo'Darc Scooter


The time has come for Lou to be bred again. For her second mating she has been bred to Bo'Darc Scooter, an outstanding young male, who is a product of a half brother/half sister mating of Big Delivery. This double bred Big Delivery mating, that produced Scooter, turned out to be quite a special litter. Many of their traits were quite evident as very young pups; strong noses, quick and agile on their feet, natural backers, natural retrievers, and because they were very intelligent, they were very easily trained. The other highly coveted trait of Scooter is that he, along with his littermates Bo'Darc Rita Rae and Bo'Darc Logan's Mojo, have proven that they can produce dogs that are at the very least equal to, but more often than not, BETTER than they are themselves!

Lou is a very special dog herself. She is a very strong dog in every respect. A strong nose, strong desire, strong gait, strong instincts, well you get the idea. Not only is it that Lou herself is strong, but she can pass those strengths to her offspring. Lou has produced some outstanding gun dogs in having just been bred once previously.

This mating of Lou to Scooter is a very strong blend of what I refer to as my
"three legged stool", which consists of CH. Slate Creek Doc, CH. Fiddler, and CH. Guard Rail. The blending of these three bloodlines is magical and this litter will be no exception. If you are looking for a dog that has a very strong nose, is well built, posses a truck load of natural instincts, has a burning rage to find and point birds, and is beautiful to look at, look no further than this litter right here.

Pups whelped 10-21-10

I am offering 4 males and 3 females from this litter
Orange/White & Black/
Males $500 - Females $600


Bo'Darc Lou

Bo'Darc Scooter