Son Sac Cindy to Bo'Darc Elhew Delivery


This is an announcement of the first mating that Bo'Darc Kennel has made to Son Sac Cindy. The reason for breeding her to "Hoss" is easy. I know what I am going get from Hoss' offspring before they ever hit the ground. Hoss is one of the most consistent breeding dogs I personally have ever seen. There is no question as to what you will get when you bred any female to Hoss; STRONG natural instincts, early starter, natural backer, natural retriever, very strong nose, intelligence and classic Pointer good looks. Hoss has PROVEN, time and time again, that he can produce. Many of his offspring have made some type of field trial competition and done quite well. One of Hoss' get was recently an Oklahoma Dog of the Year in NSTRA. More important to me is that ALL the pups off of Hoss will make a pleasing gun dog, however a very large majority will be WELL above average and some of those will be absolutely spectacular and Hoss does this on a very consistent basis.

The mating of Cindy to Hoss is very strong on CH. Slate Creek Doc, with a blending of CH. Fiddler and CH. Guard Rail, along with some other strong crosses to CH. Red Water Rex. This mating is another example of the
"three-legged stool".

This litter WILL NOT disappoint anyone looking for a good looking, smart, natural gun dog.

Pups whelped 10-15-10

I am offering 2 males and 2 females from this litter
Males $600 - Females


Son Sac Cindy

Bo'Darc Elhew Delivery