Bo'Darc Kennel -Tinker - Ace Litter


Bo'Darc Kennel's first Pointer litter of 2010 will be the mating of Bo'Darc Tinker to Bo'Darc CW Ace. This is Tinker's third litter and the very first litter sired by Bo'Darc CW Ace. Tinker's first litter was sired by Bo'Darc Fiddler's Image and this mating produced some very talented gun dogs. I kept a pup from Tinker's first litter, a female that I originally named "Birdy" also known as "Burt", but I changed her name to "Toad", as she is the toad killing-est dog I've ever seen. Not that that has anything to do with being a bird dog, but believe me, she is a very nice bird dog and then some. Toad can been seen in the up and coming Pointers page. Tinker's second litter was sired by Bo'Darc Dixie Delivery, which produced some very nice pups as well.

When studying the pedigree of Tinker bred to Ace, I was amazed at how many exceptionally talented dogs were present. Equally important to me, were how many of the dogs in this pedigree were outstanding producers of extremely nice gun dogs. This pedigree is absolutely loaded with superior gun dogs that produced superior gun dogs. That's what you call stacking the deck in your favor! This is a litter that literally CANNOT miss.

Pups whelped 8-10-10



Bo'Darc Tinker

Bo'Darc CW Ace