The Story of Bo'Darc Kennel

Dedicated to my dad...Don Logan
April 6th. 1934 - August 10th. 2004

Below you will find a somewhat lengthy, yet in depth story of why Bo'Darc Kennel exists. I feel it is important for you to know where I’ve been, in order to understand where I am going in relationship to this kennel. In this story you will find my introduction to bird hunting, my beginnings with dogs, and the basis this kennel is founded on.

I came by this naturally

Born in September of 1961, an only son of a “dyed-in-the-wool” quail hunter, I started bird hunting with my dad as soon as he thought I was able to somewhat keep up with him in the field. Hunting bobwhite quail is a tradition that runs VERY deep within my dad’s side of the family. Along with his cousins and brothers, my dad grew up bird hunting in southern Oklahoma behind birds dogs, as did his dad and his dad before him. I am a 4th. generation Oklahoma bird hunter. As a young kid on my early bird hunts with dad, we didn't have a dog, so he made it my job to mark where the dead birds fell while he watched where the rest of the covey lit. My dad’s employment was such that we moved every year or so, and even though he was an avid bird hunter having hunted with dogs all through his youth, because we had to move so often, he did not feel it was feasible for us to own a dog.

A Kid with His First Dog

When I was in 6th grade, I attended Dorothy Moody Middle School in Overland Park, Kansas. My gym teacher Mr. Paul Ressler was a bird hunter, and he and I enjoyed sharing stories of our hunts. Mr. Ressler owned a very nice Llewellin Setter female and raised a litter from her. He gave me the last pup left in the litter. I named him “Peedy” and what a gift this last or picked over pup turned out to be. Peedy was a natural in every aspect of his hunting abilities. He honored the first dog he saw on point on his very first hunt in northern Missouri. He retrieved to hand the very first bird that was shot over him. What may have been his most uncanny talent was how he would naturally hunt a harvested milo or corn field with surgical precision. He would start his search by going to the far fence line/hedge row then hunt parallel to the crop rows, to the opposite end. He’d then move over about 10 to 15 rows and race back to the near end, and then move over another 10 to 15 rows and take it back to the opposite end again. This zig-zag hunting pattern was a natural instinct for him and was developed from him just being hunted. It certainly wasn't because of any training, because his "trainer" was a kid with his first dog. Peedy never broke a point once one was established. My dad and I searched for him for 45 minutes on a snowy central Iowa morning, only to find him buried in a snow drift with just his head and the tip of his tail exposed. On the opposite side of the drift was a rooster pheasant buried up. Obviously, this was in the days before “beeper or locater collars”. I had no idea the caliber of dog Peedy was, that is until I tried to find another bird dog for me and dad to hunt with.

The Search Begins

Peedy had remained with my folks after I spent a couple of years in college, eventually married and then started a family of my own. Peedy was an old man of 14 at his passing. Now being dog-less, I thought I'd just go out and get us another one. Using Peedy as my gauge, finding his replacement just about drove me over the edge, both mentally and financially! I was shocked at how sorry these dogs turned out to be. Dogs that were sold to me as “fine prospects or fine gun dogs”, had little if any natural gun dog instincts or anything that even resembled talent. The really sad part was, I was gullible enough to believe these peddlers. I have been lied to about a dog, more than anything else that I have ever been involved with in my life. I purchased Pointers, Setters, German Shorthairs, German Wirehairs, Brittanys and even cross bred bird dogs, in search of my next “Peedy”. My efforts in finding what I was searching for in a dog became so hopeless that as a last resort, I tried raising some myself. That decision, would be the birth of Bo'Darc Kennel.

From the love of bird hunting with my dad behind Peedy, then being unable to find a dog even remotely similar to him, a desire to produce talented, natural gun dogs emerged. I started with a Pointer female that was as good a dog as I had found to that point. She was a daughter of a dog named "Comanche Tramp, " a littermate brother to CH. Slate Creek Doc. Pat was a good dog and she ended up teaching me a lot. I made the decision to breed her and after a lengthy search and many positive references, I decided on a male for this first mating. His name was "Ace's Andy", a son of CH. Fiddler's Ace out of a daughter of CH. Guard Rail. Andy was an outstanding dog and a producer as well. To this day there is a line of dogs bred down from Andy. This first litter of what would become Bo'Darc Kennel was better than what I had been able to find, yet they still weren't up to the same standard as Peedy. My new ambition as a breeder of Peedy-like dogs, became equally as frustrating. I somehow had come to the conclusion that if I obtained a daughter of Champion This or Champion That and then bred her to Champion What’s His Name, I’d finally achieve my goal. Guess what….I found out the hard way that breeding by “paper” or “pedigree” alone is a BIG mistake. One day though, I found some dogs that changed everything for me.

I Found Them

I was fortunate enough to stumble on to a hunter that had a kennel of dogs bred from the VERY special mating of CH.Fiddler’s Ace to Candy Rail. I saw about ten of his dogs in the field that day, ranging from two months to five years of age. I knew the search for my dog had ended. I went home and told my wife that I was selling every dog I had on the place. She, of course, was thrilled. I then proceeded to tell her I was “starting over” as I had found not just one, but a whole family of dogs that I’d been looking for. I did just that; I sold every dog I had at my place. I then took the money from the “kennel sale” as well as a frozen semen daughter of Ch. Guard Rail and purchased a dog that I named Bo’Darc Dixie Fiddle, the beginning of where I am today.

Someone Else Found it Too

Larry Mueller, Hunting Dog Editor of Outdoor Life Magazine, wrote in his July 1997 article that the strain of Pointers from the mating of CH.Fiddler’s Ace to Candy Rail is “The only true breeding family of foot hunting American Pointers.”  Larry refers to this family again in the August 2001 issue of Outdoor Life: "The mating of CH.Fiddler's Ace to Candy Rail resulted in incredibly intense Pointers with enormous bird desire who are nevertheless easily trained to hunt as team members with owners.  If we honor CH.Fiddler's Ace in the Hunting Dog Hall of Fame, it will soon be common knowledge exactly where one field-trial dog did indeed create a superior hunting strain."

The First Breeding from the New Line

After hunting a season with Bo’Darc Dixie Fiddle as well as having the opportunity to hunt her alongside her uncle Rail’s Little Jake in Kansas, as well as my home state of Oklahoma, I made the decision to breed these two outstanding individuals together. This mating would not only be crossing two exceptional wild bird dogs together, but it would also line-breed the CH. Fiddler’s Ace/Candy Rail genetics. The offspring from this mating turned out to be extremely gifted as well as natural gun dogs, and to this day, I continue to line-breed from this very mating.

Other Additions to the Family

I did continue to acquire a few more dogs from the help of others that I had met along my journey named: “Searching for the Dog I Once Had: ‘The Pedie Story’.” Many of these dogs were more CH. Fiddler’s Ace/Candy Rail bred dogs; however, others were strong Fiddler lines crossed back to Guard Rail’s dam Nell’s Rambling On. Let’s discuss Nell for a moment, as this Bird Dog Hall-of-Fame-inducted female is the definition of a “Blue Hen.” Being a member of the Bird Dog Hall-of-Fame requires that the dog be dead, along with the fact that they themselves played a major role in field trials or they themselves had produced field trial dogs. Nell’s Rambling On is found through two different sire lines at Bo’Darc Kennel. The mating of 1989 inducted Hall-of-Famer CH. Smart to Nell’s Rambling On, produced the great 1986 Hall-of-Famer Ch. Guard Rail. Ch. Guard Rail then produced two more notable “Blue Hens”, his daughters Elhew Kiwi and Guard Rail Susan. One of CH. Guard Rail’s prepotent sons R.U.CH. Rail Dancer produced the six-time Arkansas Dog of the Year Indian Mound Rowdy. When Nell’s Rambling On was bred to yet another Hall-of-Fame dog CH. Fiddler, the result was R.U.CH.Gateway Matador and his littermate sister Gateway Babs. Nell’s Rambling On is a very significant pillar to the foundation of this kennel.
I was very impressed with CH.Slate Creek Doc, from the first time I saw him run in a walking field trail in southern Kansas in the early Ninties; likewise, I was equally impressed by Doc's offspring that I had the opportunity to see work. Through several different breedings, it had been proven many times that Doc crossed very well with Fiddler bred dogs as well as Guard Rail dogs. It just made logical sense to me then, that he would cross equally well with Fiddler’s Ace crossed over Guard Rail bred dogs, which in fact it did!
All of the dogs above in the
bold text are found one way or another in the genetics of every dog at Bo’Darc Kennel.

Here I am Today

I have literally gone through hundreds of dogs to be at this point in my life. I am very satisfied with the “type” and “quality” of dog that is consistently produced here at Bo’Darc Kennel; however, I have and always will continue to strive for something better. From the above information, you can see that Hall-of-Fame/Field Trail Champion lineages are a considerable part of the background found in the dogs of Bo’Darc Kennel. As true as this may be, it is NOT my intention to raise field trial dogs, on the contrary, as all I desire to do is bird hunt. I want dogs that hunt for me at a comfortable foot hunting range. I do however, desire the very same class and the drive/determination that it takes to win any given field trial. From the love of me hunting with my dad behind a real bird dog, you find Bo'Darc Kennel.
If you want a dog that points at an early age, has exceptional desire and style and loves birds as much as human companionship, then don't miss out on an opportunity to become a member of the Bo'Darc Family. Although I cannot guarantee that every pup or dog that leaves here will be another “Peedy,” rest assured that is my goal and commitment to you. To that commitment, I also give you my word that I will tell you the truth about each dog’s breeding and their abilities, along with my desire to “Fulfill the Point of Your Dreams”. With Bo’Darc Kennel...there is a difference!

Mike Logan

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