Bo'Darc Kennel Story Pics

Below are thumbnail pictures relevant to the Bo'Darc Story, just double click each pic for a larger view.

This is my great grand father, Thomas Alger Logan, better known in the family as "Fat Daddy" or "Fat Pa". He always had a good Pointer and was able to just step off the back porch and go hunting. Bird hunting was a real passion for this man and he was a mentor in passing this heritage on to his sons, grandsons and nephews.
Here are two of my dad's gun dogs from around 1954. The dog in the foreground is "Pupp" , an Elhew bred Pointer. The dog in the background is "Mona". a half Pointer, half Irish Setter. She had the dark red color of the Irish and the smooth coat of the Pointer. Mona was my dad's all time favorite dog.
Here are a pair of Pointer pups my dad bought just after he and my mom were married. Dad started them out by carry them in the field in the game pouch of his hunting coat. He positioned them so their heads were sticking out either side of his coat.
This is me after a morning hunt in Belleville, Kansas. This was around 1974, I was in junior high school, and was hunting behind Peddie at this time.
This is my beloved, "Peddie". He was a tremendous , all natural, complete gun dog. What a treasure this dog was for a kid as well as, a wealth of memories for a grown man.
This is Peddie, myself and a limit of Pheasants and a few quail, from a south central Nebraska hunt. Peddie was getting on up in years at this time.
This is my dad on a very icy hunt near Belleville, Kansas around 1974 or 75. We were definitely not fair weather hunters!
This is my dad and myself, taken after a Pheasant hunt in south central Nebraska in the late eighties.
Here is a picture of dad, Bo'Darc Dixie Fiddle and her daughter Bo'Darc Mad Molly on a very cold winter morning in western Oklahoma. If dad had his ears flaps down, you can bet it was really cold.
This is dad holding an awesome dog, Indian Mound Tessie and me hold Bo'Darc Dixie Fiddle.