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            The Terriers of Bo’Darc Kennel are all bred from true representatives of solid hunting lineages.  Each individual Terrier found at Bo’Darc Kennel is a product of many years of breeding from hard tested dogs.  These dogs were rigorously hunted and tested in the field on game where only the true strong survived, and were then used as breeding stock.  Each Bo’Darc Terrier is a perfect example of their respective breed; in conformation, ability, temperament, and performance. 

            There are three different breeds of terriers found at Bo’Darc Kennel:  Airedale Terriers, American Pit Bull Terriers and Patterdale Terriers.  Each breed brings a certain expertise and strength to the “pack” for hunting. 

            The hunting of these dogs varies as to the different terrains found here in North Central Oklahoma.  Within a 30-minute drive, depending on which direction I go, I can be hunting river bottoms, rock cliffs, open prairies, hardwoods, sand hills, hay fields, cultivated fields, or combinations of any of the above.  That is why I have such diversity in my pack, as there are many different types of hunting available for me.

            As for game, there are many different furbearers in this region; raccoon, possum, striped skunk, mink, badger, coyote, red and grey fox, and beaver.  The game of choice for me is the raccoon.  All of my dogs are well versed on this species.  Most encounters with raccoons are found in abandoned beaver and badger dens as well as hay barns. 

            The Terriers of Bo’Darc kennel are tough game dogs, built and bred for hunting, with attitude and heart to back up their muscle!



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