Bo'Darc Knuckles

Knuckles”  is out of a Bo’Darc bred female, sired by a Nuttall bred male.  She is a fire-breathing dragon.  Extreme athleticism and agility, a huge prey drive along with an attitude, makes for a lot of fun in the field with this gal. 

Not only is Knuckles a great working dog but she is a real looker as well. She is centerfold material for any Patterdale magazine!
Knuckles has lived up to my expectations for her. She is just a great dog as well as a great producer. To date, she has been bred 3 times. The offspring from her first two matings produced some exceptional dogs and I expect no less from her most recent litter by Deadgame's Tyrone.

Knuckles is a smooth coated Patterdale and is 13 inches at the shoulder.